Best recruitment platforms of 2023

Best recruitment platforms of 2023

How not to get lost in finding the best recruitment platforms? Take a look at a list of effective and niche channels for finding IT candidates, about when and how to use them – further in the article.

What is recruiting automation software?

Finding a job can be overwhelming, and sometimes it can start to feel like a full-time job. More often than not, it’s a painfully stressful process where you have to go through hundreds of job listings that can take weeks of your life. The job searches, however, have been greatly streamlined and simplified since the introduction of online job search engines.

The pain of recruiting in IT is the lack of feedback on vacancies and a small number of candidates. Recruiters test any novelties and specific tools on the hiring platform market. Experienced professionals gather in-depth analytics and develop a detailed search strategy. However, such practices do not always save when there is a very specific vacancy at work; that is why it is very important to follow the main steps for the correct job recruitment:

  • Working with Candidates: Programmatic communication with candidates at all stages of their journey, from initial interaction to follow-up.
  • Interview scheduling: Take advantage of AI by allowing candidates to schedule interviews easily based on recruiter availability.
  • Job posting: Post jobs simultaneously across multiple channels.

Professional, goal-oriented, and self-confident employees are the foundation on which every business should be built. People with such qualities will turn any, even unpromising, at first glance, idea into a profitable and interesting project. When choosing a project in which to invest their money, investors, first of all, look at employees representing a certain company and only then consider their proposal.

Which are the best recruitment platforms in 2023?

Among the best recruitment platforms in 2023 are the following:

  1. Workable.

Workable is a platform for anonymous IT job searches. Recruiters can post jobs here or write to candidates directly. The main difference from standard websites is that you will not find out the candidate’s personal information (name, contacts) until he himself gives you access to them.

2. Teamtailor.

Teamtailor is the scanner that explains the rarest technologies in plain language and highlights technical terms right on the browser page, so you don’t have to google what this or that technology means.

3. Breezy.

Breezy is a professional club for recruiters and HR with a schedule of events in the field, as well as articles and lectures by experts in the field.

4. JazzHR.

JazzHR is a chat where recruiters can post their vacancies, and candidates can find interesting offers first-hand.

5. Freshteam.

Freshteam is a program for professional recruitment that allows you to automate recruiting activities in both recruitment agencies and HR departments in any medium and large company.

6. Greenhouse.

Greenhouse is an online service for identifying and evaluating a large number of candidates and then deciding which of the candidates is the best for the company.

7. Lever.

The Lever community pages give job seekers access to a wealth of very useful statistics about any company they may be interested in. There are also filters for company demographics, including age, gender, diversity, years with the company, and previous experience).

8. GoHire.

GoHire is a comprehensive career resource that helps people manage, sell and advance their careers. The platform’s community consists of millions of experienced professionals who come to the site to be inspired, develop their careers, and advance in their professional lives.


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